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Multy Whitening Cream

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Multy Whitening Cream


Nano particles that penetrate deep into the skin's vitamin C derivative and helping skin whitening Arbutin, Centella asiatica Urban extract and vegetable provides the skin moist and healthy and help improve cultivation.


  • Inhibition spots and blemishes
    ENB-VCE (3-O-Enthl-L-ascorbic acid), depending on the state of the conflict that can occur in the skin spots and blemishes that have already been created and the inhibitory part of the whitening effect can be improved.

  • Stabilization of the skin
    Centella asiatica Urban extract protects the skin from external damage and the action , help to stabilize the skin.

  • Moist skin moisturizing
    White fungus extract protein , fat, carbohydrate, vitamin D and calcium is included, excellent elasticity of the skin with natural ingredients and nutrition to help moisturize the skin bright and moisturized and brightens but prepares the skin.

  • Non- chemical preservatives! , High-quality hypoallergenic cream!
    System remains controversial parabens and synthetic preservatives or other chemicals did not use preservatives, Gold extract, peony root extract and other natural preservatives, chemical preservatives or minor irritation or stimulation minimizes the adverse effects of high-quality surgical products available for all skin types, as well as the high-quality, work-pole cream.


Whitening formula Yangcheng including arbutin ingredients of the raw material, the use of natural preservatives to minimize skin irritation. ENB-VCE System, Nano System, whitening, skin rejuvenation, moisturizing effect.

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