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Lemon Grass Body Wash

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Lemon Grass Body Wash


Feel soft and rich lather after used on whole body cleanse, moisturize the skin to help smooth lemon flavor with this graceful body wash.
Portulaca Oleracea extract, Gold extract, peony root extracts moisturize and smooth the skin's elasticity which helps to the skins.


Lemon scented perfume from perennial plant, used a raw materials such as rinsing, energize your tired skin. Is similar to the grape grapefruit scented body sterilization for stability,when you're tired.

│Ingredient & Feature│

  • Portulaca Oleracea Extract
    Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, it has excellent detoxification mainly natural ingredients all ingredients in cosmetic products, one of the problems a lot of rare and used with.

  • Peony root extract
    Prevent skin damage and help prevent degradation of the elastic component.

  • Gold extract
    Geographically throughout the country Nago Mountain in Eastern Siberia, Mongolia, China, Manchuria, and the distribution of the plants.
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